357th FG New Photos

Lt. Julian H. Bertram, 362nd FS. Flew "Butch Baby", G4-V, 44-14798

B6-U, Frisco Kid, flown by John Casey. Still unknown tail number.

Frisco Kid with unknown ground crew.

Here is a low flyby over the 469th hangar.  Note the sign at bottom which says "Z".  This is the hardstand of G4-Z  HOT SHOT.


Ammo linking machine, John McDonald at right.

Bomb Dump at Leiston.

John McDonald with a neat little car and a couple of guys from l600th Ordnance company.

Treasure, C5-G, 44-72372, end of war shot. This plane was Alibabsandi, flown by Gilman Weber. It's not known if the crew chiefs added the Treasure to the right side or if a replacement pilot got the plane and renamed it.

1st Lt Lawrence Wood. Bill Overstreet recalls that Wood liked to describe himself as "rough as a cob." He is more than likely the pilot of a P-51 named Cobber. There were at least 3 P-51s named Cobber in the 357th FG. There is no proof that Wood was an original member of the 363rd FS, but he scored one air victory on 9 May 1945 and is known to have completed his tour and probably returned to the U.S. in August or September of 1945. In March of 1945, Wood was involved in an aircraft accident at Leiston in P-51, 43-6758, code letters B6-T. The aircraft is listed as being salvaged for battle damage the next day. There is no proof, but this aircraft was probably named Cobber. No known photos exist of this aircraft.


On 6 August 1944, Clobber II flown by Lawrence Wood on the Shuttle Mission to Russia. P-51B, 42-106783. This aircraft was bare metal with a Malcolm hood. It was lost on 15 Sept 44 with Louis Nowlin. It was B6-L on the Shuttle Mission. The Crewmembers in this photo are unidentified.


A very poor photo of Cobber III. Serial number unknown, code appears to have been either B-6T, P or F. Name above the exhaust stacks.

Photo of what is probably a crew chief shack for one of the Cobber P-51s. Crew members are unidentified.

B6-P in the 363rd area near blister hangar #33. End of war shot from Joe Black.

G4-P, 44-72489, brand new D-20, which became Rolla U (Bar). Note the tail is tied down for a full power check. The only time the full power checks were done was on acceptance inspection of new aircraft. SSgt Ray Morrison in the cockpit.


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