357th FG Vintage Photos

Spook, 44-72180, G4-H, flown by 357th FG Ace, John Kirla. This photo is a real jewel from some of Joe Black's negatives. Probably parked at hardstand #8 and blister hangar #69. This confirms that the blister hangar was used for tank storage. Picture probably taken after the war was over. This was John's 3rd and final Mustang, he ended the war with 11 1/2 confirmed victories.


Little Girl unknown 363rd FS P-51 with unidentified ground crew. Photo from John Lewelling.

Fine color shot of one of the 357th FG UC-64A, Norseman, having just landed on runway l8 at Leiston. Photo taken from the tower.

A bunch of 362nd FS Crew Chiefs waiting for a mission to return. Seems to be a coffee urn in the weapons carrier. Only person identified in this photo is SSgt Bob Currie in the center with a knit hat and hands in pocket.


Photo shows the 362nd FS area at Leiston. Group of guys standing in front of building at the far upper left, which is partly out of photo.


Photo of 363rd armorer, John Lewelling, coming down from the blister hangar top. He photographed the panoramic take-off shot below.


Panoramic shot taken from the roof of blister hangar, probably #33, by John Lewelling, 363rd ground crew. 362nd hangar at left, 469th hangar at right. Tower just out of picture to the right. Photo Lab is visible at center just above the tug and jeep that are parked this side of the airplane lineup. Note Tannoy speaker on post -  crew shack from 75 Gal. tank boxes, with stove pipe - RAF battery cart to the right of it. A mixture of B and D model P-51s, one at the far right appears to have C5 code with remnants of invasion stripes. These aircraft are sorting themselves out for a mission take-off.


C5-J, Plasterd Bastard, 44-72821, flown by Ivan McGuire.

P-51D, C5-X, 44-73278, Unknown pilot or name. End of war photo.

The crew are, pilot Jim Sehl, C/C Pete Dana next to him and Armorer Joe Moores standing. Others are unknown.  Naughty Auty!, 44-13596, G4-S.



 P-38 which seems to be named QUINTUPLETTS (referring to the 5 guns) is a 474th FG aircraft, when the group staged thru Leiston on 2l May 44. Large crowd on the Leiston tower watching the show.


Leiston Tower

Joker, Pilot John Schlossber. It was tail number 44-13738 and crashed 13 Sept 1944 in an accident at home base, Hal Wyatt pilot was not injured.

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