357th FG Vintage Photos

(L-R) Calvert Williams, Joe Broadhead, and Flight Surgeon, Harold Snedden -  362nd FS. 

Mustang over Leiston.

Tommy Hayes, Ellis (Abby) Rogers, Charles Peters, Don Bochkay, and Don Graham (Photo from Chip Lewis.)

(L-R) Ken Curtis, John Cirillo and John Britton - Junked aircraft in Germany 1945.

Lt. Caster, 362nd FS.  P-51D, G4-S, 44-15687, The Whistler.

Satan flown by Tom Norris, 362nd FS. P-51B, 43-6987, G4-Z, Lost 13 Jan 445 with Richard A. Anderson. 

P-51 Neva Frances in line up. (No info on this one!) In the back ground, B6-Z is Peter Beater, tail number 41-3388. It was flown by Peter Pielich and he bellied it in on 4 Apr 45. It had been Col. Graham's B6-W, Bodacious, until he finishes his tour. 

Margie-May P-51 41-3887, B6-B, Joe Cannon's old Mustang, Little Joe.

Lt Roger Pagels, 363rd FS.

Lt and Mrs. George George on the wing of Blackpool Bat of the 363rd FS.

Merle Cedoz, 364th FS.

Henry Kayser, 363rd FS. Flying in flight with Bud Anderson (number 4 on Bill Overstreet's wing) and shared in the 1/4 victory over a HE-111.

Cyril Conklin and Leroy Ruder.

This is a double exposure but it's interesting. Shows Canton Can on rainy ramp with a picture of Gen. Patton having a conversation with what looks to be Ike.  I know it's Patton as John has other pictures of him in the same rainy setting. (Picture from Horace Field from the collection of Crew Chief for Canton Can, John Mathaisen.)

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