357th FG Vintage Photos

Canton Can P-51D flown by Lt. Vincent V. Zettler. Named for his home town of Canton, Ohio. (Photos from Horace Field.)

Eight victory markings were for aircraft destroyed on the ground.

Canton Can on the ramp.

This may not "fit" on your site, as we weren't in the the 357th Ftr Grp anymore when this was taken.
I did not take this photo, it was given to me years ago.  THE YOXFORD BOYS proudly displayed is of
interest.   I do not recognize any of these chaps, have sent it to Joe to see if he does.l  In the fall of
'45, many of us left Neubigurg, and went to an airfield at Augsburg, where we stayed a few weeks, and
were finally assigned to the 558th AAA Bn for the trip  home.  (My discharge papers list me as a member
of the 558th).  We traveled to the POE in France on these 40&8s.  As we crossed Germany and France,
we saw other GIs riding in railroad passenger cars and were envious of them until we saw that the cars
were all shot to hell, windows shot out etc (Merle Olmsted)

Early photo of Capt Dave Perron's Little Bitch P-51B 43-6792. Note little Varga on nose. Dave went MIA in this bird on 27 May 44.

Early photo of Captain Robert D. Brown's Chicago Gun Moll, P-51B 43-6556.

Captain Charles Peters' P-51D Daddy Rabbit.

Captain Maurice Baker, 362nd FS. Pilot of P-51B Parker 51.

Lt. Johnnie Carter, 363rd FS. Flew on the wing of Ed Hiro the day he was lost. 

 Captain Ben Elliott, 364th FS. 

Lt. Lloyd Mitchell, 362nd FS. Pilot of P-51B, G4-D, Miss Marvel.

Lt. Jesse Frey, 362nd FS. Pilot of Ain't Misbehavin'

Lt. George Morris, 364th FS. Pilot of P-51D, C5-I, Bobby Marilyn.

Lt. Rocco Lepore, 364th FS. Pilot of P-51D, C5-C, Pretty Pat. Lost in this aircraft on 2 Mar 44, but survived the war as a POW. 

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