357th Fighter Group Vintage Photos (Volume II)

Group of 357th FG Maintenance Personnel in front of Merle Olmsted's Nissan Hut. Merle is second from the right in the back. 

P-51D G4-Z tail number 414612, "Hot Shot." Leiston Tower in the background. 

P-51B 43-7148, one of the few Bs with the fin fillet.

P-51B G4-B 43-12151 flown by Merlin Kehrer

Henslee, Chuck Weaver and Kit Carson

Tow Job!

P-51B Betsy G4-S 43-6825 flown by Harry Ankeny

P-51B 43-12474 G4-H after landing accident.

 G4-P after belly landing. Floogie II, 44-14245 23 Dec 44 Lt. Jenkins

This UC-64 did not belong to the 357th FG. The group had one, which was assigned most of the war to the 362nd FS and was later transferred to the 364th FS. 

B6-B, 43-6999, later B6-U, crashed 17 Aug 44, F/O Charles Campbell killed.

Bill Overstreet, Henry Kayser, Bud Anderson, Edward Simpson, Ernie DeNigris

(L-R) Roger Pagels, Rolt Moore, Don Bochkay

Group of 363rd FS Pilots. Ernest Tiede in the middle.

Don Bochkay in front of wrecked German Jet

OBee O'Brien and "Baldy" Weisinger in Oakland, CA. "Baldy" was an early casualty of the 357th FG, as he flew into the ground at Tonopah while practicing air to ground gunnery. 

Don Bochkay, Chuck Yeager, Jim Browning and Bud Anderson 

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