357th Fighter Group Vintage Photos (Volume II)

These photos from the personal collection of Joe DeShay

Sign at the entrance to the village of Yoxford, England 1945.

MSgt Joe Deshay, the 364th FG Hanger Chief and TSgt Robert Gruposso, the Flight.  Ground #56 was the number of the Nissen Hut known as “Till Two Club” named after a Tavern back in Santa Rosa, CA training days

 Maurice Sabes 364th FS Crew Chief for C5-W

John Edson Kelly, 364th FS Electrical-Ignition Specialist

Allison Engine removed due to an oil leak. 364th FS Hanger, Marysville AF, California 1942.

Chester Donahue 364th Propeller Specialist.

SSgt Martin Johnson 364th FS Parachute Rigger.

364th FS, Leiston AF, domestic area and Squadron Orderly Room, or office. MSgt Henry D’Esti at left.

Clifton “Fergy” Ferguson, 1st/Sgt, 364th FS for the duration, replaced after Leiston by James Ackley. Both fine men and leaders.

Elmer Troxell, 364th Propeller Specialist

MSgt Emery Gaal, The 364th Line Chief. In Charge of a Flight Line of 27 aircraft at 21 years of age.

P-39 Airacobra with it’s engine removed due to an oil leak at the center crank. 1942 Marysville AF, California

At the bike rack of the 364th domestic area 1944, Leiston AF. Harvey Sigurdson, Howard Tate, Donald Olson.

362nd Crew Chiefs acting up with a fencing sword at their Nissen Hut. Bob Hall, Bob Raffen, Bob Bignell and Phil Bruce.

364th FS Ambulance On Top: Morris Stanley. Back Row: Fred Wertz flight surgeon, Mark Stepelton, Harry Hermanson, Charles Schnebor, Hollis Nowlin, Kneeling: Roger Bower a medic, Robert Dottery the Engineering Officer of the 364th FS

Vincent J Inglese, 363rd Fs Winding up Lonesome Polecat.

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