357th Fighter Group Vintage Photos (Volume II)

These two pilots are the Robinson brothers who served with the 362nd FS. This was a rare occasion for the Military to permit brothers to be in the same unit under combat conditions. G.A. Jr and Joe Robinson entered service from their home town of Memphis, TN.  Oscar Ridley, 362nd FS. Said to be the last combat loss of the 357th FG. Hit by flak, he successfully bailed out and soon returned safely. 

Pilot Dwaine Sanborn, Ernest Gilman, George Conaughty, the Crew Chief. Winter Time! Note the shirling lined jacket and pants worn over the coveralls. 

Don Kocher, 4 Bolts, C5-Z. This aircraft belled in on April 20th, 1944 near Halle, Germany

Lt. Ollie Harris, Crew Chief Jack O'Quin and Armorer Sgt Teddy Boren with Wanda Lee

(L-R)  Armorer Lamar Christiasen,  Pilot Jesse Frey, Assistant Crew Chief Jack Neilson, and Crew Chief Pat Buzzeo with Ain't Misbehavin 

(L-R) Russel R. Kalessa, Crew Chief Loren Clark, Ernest Tiede, and an unidentified Armorer.  Lt Tom Martinek, Sgts George Roepke and Roger Stops, 362nd FS, with Morning Star

Pilot Paul Mann and crew with The Tender Terror, 363rd FS. Lt Joseph G. Sullivan and his crew at Leiston. An early Model "B" P-51 named Mu's Rivel.  Crew Chief Joe Mohs,  On top- Armorer Melvin Black and right Asst. Crew Chief Ken McCord

A sad looking P-39 at Tonoph, Nevada

John S. Templin and crew, 362nd FS, with Bow Legs, P-51B, 43-6698. This aircraft was formerly Texas Ranger flown by Herschel "Rocky" Hill. 

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