Vintage WWII Photos

Childs, Christenson, Drollinger and unknown with B model Young Uns

C5-T, Hurry Home Honey, escorts B-17s. (Photo forwarded by Joe Black)

"The Tender Terror" flown by Ralph Mann. B6-W, 44-63755. Photos from Ralph Mann through Merle Olmsted

"The Tender Terror"

Shack Rat & Norton Hewett

364th FS Mustangs

Hal Wyatt 

" The Leiston 5 ", Al Boch, Hal Wyatt, Jack Boyne, Ed Hyman and Joe Black

 Pilots of the 362nd FS

Jack Bussard

Joe Black

Glenn White

Dick Trout

 Jack Boyne

E. A.. Gordon

Lt. Utz

Lt. James C McLane Jr. and Dainty Dotty is 44-14798 G4-V ex Master Mike and Butch Baby (in that order). These two photos sent in by Peter Randall. 

Dainty Dotty

Bob Becker on the wing of Sebastian. It had a Tiger's head painted on the left side. Photo sent in by Crew Chief Pat Buzzeo. Assistant Crew Chief Jack Nielson can be seen peering over the wing. Armorer was Lamar Christensen

Herman H. Delager (Photo from Merle Olmsted)

Ollie Harris, Tom Norris and Gil O'Brien (L-R)

Don Pickrell Intelligence Officer 362nd FS

Charles Pearson

Italy on the return from the Russia Shuttle Mission

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