RV-8 Old Crow

I can't think of a logical reason that I chose to build an RV-8. Perhaps, just that I have always had a love affair with the P-51D. The first time I saw an RV-8 from a distance, I thought it was a P-51D. When I found out that it was a kit and, since the chances of my owning or flying a real P-51 was pretty slim, and this was an airplane I could afford. The choice was easy, even if I had no experience building much of anything. I do have to say that now that I am flying, I still kind of miss the building fun, but will, for a while have a list of things that I either want to change, add or update.

Anyway, three and one half years later and about 1300 hours of my labor, plus thousands of hours thinking about how I was going to do this or that, I finished my mini Old Crow. The aircraft is a Van's Aircraft, RV-8 quick build, that sports an HIO-360 C1A, with a C/S Hartzell 74 inch prop, Micromonitor, Microencoder, Nav/Comm, transponder and basic IFR instruments. The empty weight of the airplane is 1115 lbs and cruises at 180 kts indicated at 75% and sea level.

The paint scheme kind of grew on its own from my original idea of a P-51D. I started searching for ideas in books and on the internet. When I came across the 357th Fighter Group, read the stories, looked at the pictures and
read "To Fly and Fight",  I found something I hadn't thought much about. Those young guys, turning into hero's, doing an amazing job of showing what they and their country were made of. For me, the paint scheme is a small way to tip my hat to those who stepped up and served so well.

Dick White RV-8, N94DW

Thanks Dick for sharing your beautiful aircraft with us!!!