Old Crow Computer Flight Guide

Janes WWII Fighters

Derek Davis' Old Crow Skin

Electronic Arts Janes WWII Fighters, is one of the best WWII Computer Flight Games on the market. It has incredible graphics, flight models and information. Through the hard work of a group of volunteers the game has been taken to a new level. Steven Dickson, Warren Brookman and a group of friends put together a fantastic site about WWII Fighters. They built an impressive set of downloads for the game and took the game to a new level. Their site has now been deactivated, however, a new site is carrying on their efforts. This site is is: http://www.ww2fighters.net/ .  The most interesting aspect of this for me is to be able to change the skins of the aircraft in the game, allowing you to fly Old Crow or other famous WWII aircraft. It is an amazing thing to fly Old Crow on your computer. Through the efforts of many contributors, it is possible to enjoy WWII Fighters like never before. We do not intend to be the Janes WWII Fighters site, but direct you to http://www.ww2fighters.net/ for your downloads and information. Warren has given us permission to offer Old Crow skins for download from our site. We will keep these skins available to preserve them. Click on the images below to download these great skins. I would also like to thank Mike Milleran for allowing us to offer his Old Crow P-51B for download from our site. Both skins are fantastic. Instructions for installing the skins are contained in the read me file for each download. WW2Fighters offers a nice forum to discuss the game and skins. 

Bud consulted on Janes WWII Fighters. There is an interview with him in the game. Please visit EA's site for more information.


High Resolution Old Crow

Notice no antenna!

 Hammerd's P-51D "Old Crow" of the 357th FG/8th AF 


 P-51B Old Crow

This beautiful P-51B Old Crow skin for Janes WWII Fighters was created by Mike Millerin. With Mike's permission, we are able to offer this skin for download. Click here to download Mike's amazing package. You will need a program that can handle zip files as mentioned above to do this. All directions are included in the download. Good luck and happy flying. If you care to say thanks to Mike, send us an email at jimswa@juno.com and we will pass it on. 

WW2 Fighter's Online

Rammjager's skins for Clarence E. "Bud" Anderson's "Old Crow". Click on the image to download the skin.

Skin for Jane's WW2 Fighter's P-51 by Darrin "Hammerd" Covington. Click on the image to download the skin.

Screen Shots of various skins of 357th FG Mustangs flown on our computer:

John England's Missouri Armada

Chuck Yeager's Glamorous Glen III

Chuck Weaver's Flying Nude

Old Crow B model

Old Crow D model

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