357th FG Model Gallery

These beautiful models were made by John Soule. The decals for Cathy Mae/Karger's Dollie, Rolla U (U-Bar),  Besty and Geronimo are all hand made using Deneba Canvas 7 and an ALPS MD 1000 Printer. We hope to be able to offer you John's decals as free downloads soon. This is the future of the Gallery as we have almost exhausted all decals that have been made for the 357th FG. Thanks to John for his extra effort to bring these great 357th FG Mustangs back to life. 

 Karger's Dollie (R) and Cathy Mae (L), C5-U, 44-15026, flown by Dale Karger, 364th FS.

Cathy Mae

Decals made by John for his Cathy Mae/Karger's Dollie Model.


Rolla U (U-Bar), G4-P, 44-72489, flown by Ed Hyman, 362nd FS.

Ed named his plane after a girl and a ranch brand. 

(L-R) Ed Hyman and Crew, Armorer "Whitey", Ed amd Crew Chief Ray Morrison and Sgt. Merle Olmsted on the wing.

Decals made by John for his Rolla U model.

Harry Ankeny's P-51D, G4-S, 44-13596, Betsy


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Captain Harry Ankeny

John's decal!


"Geronimo" flown by Captain John Pugh, 362th FS, G4-N, 42-106473.

Model made by John Soule.  The kit is from Academy and is 1/72nd scale.  He had to replace the canopy with the vacuum formed one from Squadron, except the front windshield, he vac formed himself. John also decided to drop the flaps. "Geronimo" took part in the Russia shuttle mission and John noticed from a photo that it had a few less bombs on the top row and 75 gal. drop tanks. He chose to model the aircraft after the shuttle mission photo. Decals are handmade. 

Captain John Pugh

Decal  by John Soule

Frisco Kid now complete, see page 32!

Frisco Kid decal by John Soule.

If you are interested in any of John's great decals, please let us know at jimswa@juno.com

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