Luftwaffe Model Aircraft Display

Bf109 K-4,from I/JG11 and was found at Munchen-Reim in May 1945. Built by Franck Oudin.

The following WWII German Aircraft Models were built by Erik Whipple.

Me109G-10 Flown by Wolfgang Hunsdorfer, JG-300,KIA 29Mar45

Me410 Flown by Eduard Tratt, Kommandeur, ZG-26, 38 Victories, KIA 22 Feb 44

FW190 A-6 Flown by Joseph Wurmheller, JG-2, 102 Victories. Wurmheller perished during a mid-air collision, while in combat with Spitfires. KIA 22 Jun 44.

Me109-6 Flown by Wilhelm Schilling, 9th Staffel, JG-54,  50 Victories, Survived the war.


Fw190D-9 Flown by Gerhard Michalski, Kommodore, JG-4, 73 Victories, Survived the war.

Me109G-6 Flown by Klaus Mietusch, Kommandeur, III Gruppe JG-26, 72 Victories,  Maj. Klaus Mietusch attempted to penetrate the fighter screen of the Arnhem airborne forces on 17 SEP 44. He  led his schwarm into what started as a clean bounce on a 361st FG flight, shot down one Mustang and then in turn was shot down and killed by another.


Me109G-6AS Flown by Walter Oesau, Kommodore, JG-1, 125 Victories, KIA on 11 May 44 while flying "Green 13" in combat against P-38s.

Me109G-14 Flown by Friedrich Hameister JG3, 1 Victory, POW 2 Jan 45. During Operation Bodenplatte, just a few weeks out of flight school, he shot down a Spitfire Mk9 and was then downed by P-47 Thunderbolts. He was picked up by US troops the following day.

Fw190 A-8 Flown by Willi Maximowitz Uffz 11 (Sturm) JG-3, 25 Victories, 8 by ramming, KIA 20 Apr45

FW190 A-8r2 Flown by Willi Reschke JG-301, 26 Victories, Survived the war.

FW190 A-8r8 Flown by Ernst Schroder, JG-300, 7 Victories, Survived the war.


FW190 Flown by Anton Hackl, Kommandeur III/JG-11, 197 Victories, Survived the war.

Fw190 A-6 flown by Hans Ehlers, I/JG-1, 56 Victories, KIA 27 Dec 44.

Fw190A-6 Sturmbock, Major Hans-Georg von Kornatzki.  Staffelkapitan of Sturmstaffel 1 and father of the heavy fighter idea, von Kornatzki was later given command of II-Gruppe(Sturm) JG-4 in August 1944. He  killed in action on September 12, 1944.  His final victory tally is unknown.  

These models were built by Steve Negley.

ME 262

FW 190

ME 109

TA 152

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