Jerry and Bud unveil P-51B "Old Crow"

Mission With Old Crow

Artist, Jerry Crandall chose a particular Mustang fighting on a particular day for his painting (C.E. "Bud" Andersonís P-51B Old Crow)...

Having met Col. C.E. "Bud" Anderson several times during various fighter aces meetings, and reading his book To Fly and Fight, I decided to create a painting of his famous Mustang Old Crow. I chose the P-51B as I liked the distinctive Malcolm hood version. In reviewing the various Mustang prints done, I found most of them to be of the "D" version with a bubble canopy. I also liked Budís P-51B because of the camouflage paint, standard factory Olive Drab and Neutral Gray, and the D-Day stripes which were applied by brush painting on the 5th of June, making it a very colorful machine. The ground crew kept the aircraft in excellent condition including waxing it with car wax in order to gain additional speed. This was also the aircraft in which Bud Anderson achieved most of his victories.

Called "Andy" by his pilot buddies, Capt. Anderson was with the 363rd Fighter Squadron, 357th Fighter Group. He led Cement Squadron on 29 June 1944 where just southwest of Leipzig, Germany, he scored three Fw-190s. At the start of this mission Anderson had nine victories but by the end of this day his tally would be twelve.

My painting of Old Crow depicts his eleventh. After confirmation on No. 10 victory, he saw the second Focke-Wulfe heading for the clouds and pursued, attacking from the rear closing to 150 yards getting quite a few hits all over. The canopy flew off and the pilot started to climb out as Anderson flew alongside of his Luftwaffe opponent. Capt. Anderson had expired 1195 rounds in adding three more to his victory list. Col. Anderson would complete the war with a total of 16.25.

Meeting with Bud Anderson at his home for final approval of the sketches happened to be on the opening night of Desert Storm which made for an especially interesting evening. I am extremely grateful to both Bud and Ellie Anderson who so graciously invited me into their home in order to finalize the many historical details in this project. Bud shared many photos as well as stories for which I am truly indebted. Bill Hess, noted author and historian also helped me with the myriad of finite details that had to be authenticated. Also, a special thanks to Merle Olmstead, 357th Crew Chief and author of The Yoxford Boys for his enthusiastic assistance.

The painting of C.E. "Bud" Andersonís P-51B Old Crow is available in limited edition collector prints, each co-autographed by Col. Anderson.


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