Decals of 357th FG P-51 Mustangs 

Drawing by Merle Olmsted

  The decal sheets listed below contain decals for 357th FG Aircraft. Not all the sheets are manufactured anymore, but can still be found searching your local Hobby Store or on the Internet.  If you have information on any new decals or ones we have missed, please let us know at . We will do our best to keep the list updated.  Thanks!

Repli-Scale "The Yoxford Boys" (These decals are no longer made, but can be found)

48-5054 Sheet #1/  72/1054

Hurry Home Honey (2 versions)

Little Sweetie

Little Shrimp

Chicago Gun Moll

48-5055 Sheet #2/  72-1055

Little Joe

Shanty Irish



48-5056 Sheet #3/  72-1056



Typhoon McGoon

Princess Pat

Rubber Check (American Girl)

Little Duckfoot

48-5057 Sheet #4/  72-1057

Junior Miss

Bobby Jeanne

Tooln’ Fools Revenge


Ain’t Misbehavin

Butch Baby

48-5058 Sheet #5/   72-1058

Master Mike


Missouri Armada

Glamorous Glenn III


Lady Ovella

48-5059 Sheet #6/   72-1059

Old Crow (3 versions)

Desert Rat

Sweet Helen (2 versions)

Pro Modeler 88100300200

The Shillelagh

Passion Wagon 

Pregnant Polecat

Medeor Productions Sheet 

 CED 48113  Charles Weaver’s P-51D with reclining nude

CED 48146   William "Stubby" Gambil's P-39Q 


48-071  Passion Wagon

48-016  Glamorous Glenn III

48-288  Berlin Express

48-478  Glamorous Glenn III

48-375   F-105D Old Crow II

72-006   Glamorous Glenn III

AN48593 Aircobras at War Part I - Has Old Crow P-39. (Background for Skull decal is incorrect color)

Super Scale

SS 72-149  Tangerine

SS 72-325  Nooky Booky IV, Passon Wagon

SS 72-418  Little Duckfoot

SS 72-667  Winged Ace of Clubs, Old Crow

SS 72-687  Little Kitten

SS 72-726  Winged Ace of Clubs

SS 72-729  Missouri Armada, Frenesi, Old Crow

SS 72-726  Shanty Irish, Speedball Alice

SS 48-001  Passion Wagon

SS 48-039  Nooky Booky IV

SS 48-205  Little Duckfoot

SS 48-453  Winged Ace of Clubs

SS 48-454  Old Crow

SS 48-462  Chicago Gun Moll

SS 48-487  Little Kitten

SS 48-555  Shanty Irish

SS 48-591  Hurry Home Honey

SS 48-670  Glamorous Glenn III

SS 48-90  U've Had It

SS 48-535  Missouri Armada, Old Crow, Frensesi

SS 48-671  Moose

48-691  Berlin Express (Winged Mustang), Pregnant Polecat, Shanty Irish   

48-692  Ol Flak Joe, Passion Wagon, Gentleman Jim   

48-693  Cooter, Sebastian Jr, The Count.  

48-708   Chuck Weaver's Nude  

48-731  P-51D Old Crow (Green and Silver) and Don Bochkay's Winged Ace of Clubs  

48-821 Speedball Alice

Micro Scale

48-39  Nooky Booky IV

Cutting Edge

48-113  Charles Weaver's Unnamed (Reclining Nude)

48-146 Stubby Gambill's P-39Q  

Cutting Edge super decals for the new 1/24 Trumpeter P-51D kit:

CED24001 Great Mustangs Pt 1: P-51D-20-NA, Ridge Runner III, 44-72308, Maj.
Pierce McKennon, 335th FS, 4th FG; P-51D-15-NA, Glamorous Glen III,
44-14888, Capt. Charles Yeager, 363rd FS, 357th FG; P-51D-20-NA, 44-63607,
Lt. Col. Glenn Eagleston, 353rd FS, 354th FG $18.99 

CED24002 Great Mustangs Pt. 2: P-51D-5-NA, Frenesi, 44-13318, Lt. Col.
Thomas Hayes, 364th FS, 357th FG; P-51D-10-NA, Old Crow, 44-14450, Capt.
Clarence 'Bud' Anderson, 362nd FS, 357th FG; P-51D-20-NA, Man O' War,
44-14292, Col. C. Kinnard Jr., 355th FG $15.99 

Some great new decals in the works by Cutting Edge. View a review at this link: 

Mustang International 1/72, 1/48, 1/32  (These were great decals, but are very hard to find)

Old Crow, Glamorous Glen III  -   Special Decal Offer from Artist Roy Grinnell

Visit Roy Grinell's great web site.

Sky Models

Sky 48-023   Moose, Chuck Weaver (Reclining Nude)

Mike Grant Custom Decals:

Anderson/Yeager B Model Sheet

Generic 357th FG Tail Number/Code Letter Sheet

Billy's Bitch

Flying Panther/ Daddy Rabbit

Big Beautiful Doll

Eagle Strike Productions: 

IP48-02 357th Fg Part I - Old Crow, Glamourus Glen, Nooky Booky and The Shillelagh

EPIP48-03 357th FG -  Part II Berlin Express, Pappy's Answer, John Pugh's Diamond, Jersey Bounce

IP48-04 357th FG Part III - Ole Flak Joe, Hurry Home Honey, Arkansas Traveler, Nooky Booky III

IP48-05 357th FG Part IV - Gentleman Jim, Mary Mae, Sebastian Jr and Rovn' Rhoda/4 Bolts 

IP48-173 Mustangs Forever, Pt 1 - The Tender Terror

PYN - UP Decals

PYND48003 - Chuck Weaver's Nude artwork

PYND48004 - Passion Wagon

These two decals sheets are expensive and only 300 sets of each will be made. You can find them at Meteor Productions and run a search for PYN. Meteor also lists Mustang International Decals: D1017253 Yeager P-51D/ Anderson P-51B&D



Drawing by Merle Olmsted