362nd Fighter Squadron


362nd Hangar and Blister Hangar at map marker A


Tech. Site and aircraft hard stands (HS) 34 - 33.


Another view of 362nd Hangar. Notice the Mustang parked at HS - 31 Merle believes this is Kit Carson's P-51 Nooky Bookys. .

Good labels on buildings and Hangars, Control Tower, 362nd FS Operations


Another good view of Tech. Site, 363nd Hangar, blister hanger and aircraft hard stands (HS).


469th Hangar by marker B on map.



A - 362nd FS Large Hangar, with large blister hangar below and to the left.


   B - 469th Hangar area  

CT - Leiston Control Tower

HS - Aircraft Hand Stand


Leiston Control Tower (CT) Number on the control tower 36, indicates the runway in use.

Another view of the Tower (CT) P-51 G4-Z, Hot Shot flown by John Duncan waits to taxi. Crew Chief George Roepke watches on the far right. HS 13 near the Tech Site label above.


469th Service Squadron, preformed heavy maintenance on all the 357th FG Mustangs, such as wing changes or anything the squadrons could not handle.

362FS area viewed from CT toward 469th Hangar and HS 35 and 36.  

Mustang C5-F, "The Whisler", on approximately HS 32 or 33. CT in left of picture. Field Wind Sock in center of photo.