357th FG New Photos

Howard B. Egeland with his crew and P-51 "Chicago Bound." The photos on this page are courtesy of Howard through his son Tom. Merle Olmsted is still trying to trace the tail number and code letters for this plane. If it is the one he flew the Russian Shuttle mission on, it would be G4-W, 43-6721. Crew Chief on left is "Bull" Kaiser.

Howard was involved in an aircraft in accident during take off in Russian due to the Russians servicing the planes with low octane fuel. Howard did not know the cause of his mishap until our contact. Merle Olmsted confirmed the cause. Howard thought he had done something wrong, because his CO was slightly confrontational when he arrived in Italy!  Howard remembered that he was having trouble with his own plane, and was told to take another one.  He said his preflight check was normal, and he took off.  When he got airborne and pushed the throttle forward to try to gain more air speed and altitude, he couldn't get any more power or speed from the airplane.  He knew that if he tried to climb, he would probably go into a stall, and he was too low and slow to attempt to turn around.  So, he figured that he'd ease the throttle back and set the plane down.  In the heat of the moment, he didn't (or couldn't) take the plane's normal sideways drift (yaw due to prop torque?) into consideration, and when he came back down, he was no longer over the runway, but over a dirt bank just to the left of the mesh runway, and the plane flipped over on contact.  He was grateful the plane didn't explode, being fully loaded with fuel.


Howard B. Egeland


Koka, Colburn, Sehl, and Howard

Howard in training.

James H. Sehl, Raymond T. Conlin and Howard.

Approximately half the fellows that were left of our group at the end of our tour.  ‘Happy Valley’ is the nickname given to the Ruhr valley because it is so heavily defended with flak guns

This is ‘big Jim Dendy’ and Howard.  The picture was shot at such an angle to make the comparison great.  He is about 6’ 4” or more and is the tallest cadet at the base. Howard is also wearing the biggest parachute we could find.

Lt. Sehl and his crew with P-51 "Naughty Auty." Crew chief on left is Pete Dana.

Howard's WWII Log book.

Marvin Dwight – Fayette, Missouri

Howard and unknown pilot who was later “shot down”

Howard and another unknown pilot.

The boys that had to abort from the Russia to Italy hop.  We made it the next day

Ted Conlin’s plane and crew chief in Russia

Russian guard.  Those boys were all over the place and we were afraid to walk around at night for fear of getting shot

Don Thompson of Minn.

Left to right – Skhra, Sehl, and Powers

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