357th Fighter Group Art

Skimming the Alps by Dan Zoernig

If you are interested in this print or other prints by Dan Zoernig, visit his web site at: www.danzoernig.com

Keith Ferris
"Nowotny's Final Encounter" P-51D, Me 262A

These two prints presented with permission of artist Geoff Pleasance.

These 4 Emblems presented with permission of Artist Jim Harley

357th FG Emblem

362nd FS Emblem

363rd FS Emblem

364th FS Emblem

If you are interested in a painted leather patch by Jim Harley, contact him at: JFHar43@aol.com .

Print "Distant Echo"  from Artist Steve Ridgway, depicting many of the old airfields that still exist in Yorkshire and East Anglia that now look, all derelict and forlorn.

Mustang Menace by Robert Bailey

Artist: Robert Taylor
Title: Struggle For Supremacy

A typical aerial contest on a day in January 1945. P-51 Mustangs of the 357th. Fighter Group, escorting a heavy bomber raid deep into enemy territory, have engaged a strong force of Luftwaffe Me109's. A massive dog fight has developed high over the Rhine, as Captain Robert Foy of the 363rd. Sqdn. engages one of the 109's in a daring head-on pass, P-47 Thunderbolts of the 56th. Fighter Group climb to give support

The Signatures:
Bud Anderson, Ernest Bankey, Bud Mahurin, Donald Cummings
Gunther Rall, Helmut Ruffler, and Hans Weik.
"HorsePower P-51D" By Andy Wenner
"Top Cover" Old Crow provides cover to B-17s over Germany by Gerald Colson.

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